Electronic Signature and Records Association Supports and Encourages Nationwide Adoption of eNotarization

April 19, 2016

Safedocs applauds ESRA for promoting digital business initiatives

ALAMO, CA - Safedocs, the leading provider of decisioning, management, and execution of notarizations for enterprises recognizes the positive contribution of the Electronic Signature and Records Association (ESRA) in support of eNotarizations. ESRA recently published a statement of policy on enotarization supporting laws, regulations, and standards. Currently, approximately 1 billion notarization occur annually almost entirely paper based.

“The market momentum for completing notarization digitally by consumers and enterprises is significant and inevitable. Widespread use and success of electronic signing is paving the way for new digital solutions to enhance the legal and compliance requirements inherent in the notarial process,” said Terry Van Bibber, Founder and CEO of Safedocs. “Safedocs provides the natural transition platform needed by consumers and enterprises by allowing customers to execute notarizations digitally through video enabled online notarization or by traditional paper transaction. The efficiency, convenience, cost savings, and security advantages of digital notarization are clearly driving demand today”

Safedocs’ NotaryGo service is based on a mobile platform, for the scheduling of notaries, delivery of signing packages, notary and signing status updates, quality control, and reporting. Be the need to conduct a paper based, electronic face to face, or video enable online notarization, Safedocs provides the platform your company needs to go digital.

For additional information on Safedocs and Safedocs’ NotaryGo service, call 1 925.256.1040 or info(at)safedocs(dot)com

About Safedocs

We provide hosted, video enabled, online authentication and notarization services. The company is comprised of attorneys, notaries, engineers, digital transaction management, and financial services professionals with a common goal of transforming the notarization market. Designed for enterprises with consumers in mind, we perform online notarizations in the US and internationally – fast, convenient, and secure.