How to get a document legally notarized when you have no I.D.

July 4, 2016

Having been a notary for 20+ years I can’t count the number of times someone has come to me and either forgot their I.D., lost it or their name has change and their I.D. doesn’t match the name on the document! Previously there were very few practical solutions, none that allowed the individual to have their document notarized immediately.

Checking around I found out about a lot of individuals who suffered real losses or at least significant delays because they had no current government issued picture I.D.. Be it the loss of a wallet or purse, identity theft, I.D.’s left at home, in another jacket, in their spouses purse, was washed with their pants and is now illegible… there are as many situations as there are stories.

I am getting married and need a vital record immediately… my husband needs to have notarized our daughters travel authorization today, she leaves for Mexico tomorrow… my grandmother needs some documents notarized and she hasn’t had a drivers license in years… I had no idea my driver’s license expired 2 years ago… I know who he is, I’m his wife can’t I vouch for him…

All compelling situations, none of which could be resolved immediately!

Until Now! Use what you personally know instead of a paper based I.D. process that can easily be replicated by someone else. Your knowledge is something you have with you 7/24/365 days a year anywhere in the world. For some time, this State and Federally approved process has allowed you to establish your identity with your knowledge, not by a piece of paper. Safedocs is recognized as a leader in using this well established process that has been used for years in many industries including lending, government and banking industries.

What is this Federal process? Using a computer with webcam you appear before the notary live and online. The signer is then presented with 5 questions to answer, compiled by the nation’s largest aggregators of private and public records. Answer them correctly and the government considers you “authenticated”.

Once you have been authenticated, you sign your document electronically, the notary signs and seal’s the document electronically. Now download your document and you’re on your way! In minutes you have a legal document, accepted throughout the U.S. and abroad, all from the safety, comfort and convenience of your home or office!

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