Notarizing a Spousal Authorization form (DS-3053) for a minor to travel abroad

July 27, 2016

Mr. Donaldson was at the airport early to drop off his 15 year old daughter, Bianca, who was going to visit her ailing mother in Poland. What Jim did not know was that his daughter’s passport expired in 83 days. When shown to the airlines ticket agent he was told his daughter could not travel on a passport that expires within 90 days.

With his daughter in tears he ask the attendant how he might get the issue resolved immediately, so his daughter could travel that day to meet her mother. No problem just make an appointment at the Department of State, (DOS) for you , your wife and daughter, meet there and they will issue an extension…. that was not going to happen! Jim made a call to the DOS and asks how he might expedite the process considering his wife was in Poland. No problem, just have your wife complete a DS-3053 form, have it notarized, bring the original to use and we’ll issue the extension. How was he going to do that, she’s in Poland!

Jim got on the internet from the airport and searched for online notarization and found Safedocs. He explained his situation and we explained how it could work. Send us the form, have your wife get online using a computer with webcam we’ll have her sign, the notary will sign and notarized electronically. Your wife can download the executed DS-3053 form and send it directly to the local DOS office.

Now Jim is driving to the DOS office while arranging the online appointment with his wife and his daughter is uploading the DS-3053 from her iPhone to Safedocs. In a three way call with the notary online via webcam with Mrs. Donaldson in Poland, Jim is on the call via conference line and his daughter is giving Jim hand directions to the DOS office.

End of story… we got it done. Mrs. Donaldson submitted the electronically executed original directly to the DOS office manager, Bianca got her extension and was off to Poland to join her mother.

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